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San Clemente Surf Team

Newport Contest has been moved to this Friday Nov. 14th at T-street.

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2014-2015 Surf Team

I want to Thank Everyone for participating in Tryouts this year.  The level of surfing in tryouts this year was extremely high.  You all were surfing well!  I hope you all continue surfing and improving daily!


Here is the 2014-2015 Surf Team



  1. Colin Deveze
  2. Tai Stratton
  3. Connor Dand
  4. Kei Kobayashi
  5. Mason Shaw
  6. Gage Day
  7. Daniel Tieman
  8. Drew Hemnes
  9. Jacob Atwood
  10. Jaden Blanc-Hall
  11. Malik Schilling
  12. Nate Carabba
  13. Curran Dand
  14. Noah Hohenester
  15. David Economos
  16. Jaric Fink
  17. Bryce Crane
  18. Jaron Harrell


Women’s Shortboard

  1. Malia Osterkamp
  2. Kirra Connolly
  3. Kloee Openshaw
  4. Issy Pajaro
  5. Jaina Gourley


  1. Tyler Savage
  2. Chris Bryzkyc
  3. Gavin Pellkofer
  4. Jason Parsons

Longboard                                                                     Women’s Longboard

  1. Dylan Cox                                                      1. Rachel Tilly
  2. Kai Takayama                                               2. Kyla Kelley
  3. Jacob Atwood                                               3. Kaelen McCracken
  4. Nick Melanson                                             4. Kaila Patterson