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Health Mr. Kerhoulas   Course Description: This health course will provide students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of themselves and others and of the physiological and psychological foundations of human development. The course will include, but is not limited to: personal and mental health, nutrition, physical fitness, communicable and chronic diseases, STD’s, tobacco, alcohol and drugs of abuse, dating and marriage relationships and child birth and development.   Text: Lifetime Health by Holt   Grading: Grading will be on a point system with the standard scale of 90%-100% = A   80%-89% = B, etc. being used.   Grades are test/project/class participation generated. Exams will be scheduled on a regular basis.  Students will test on every one or two chapters. If a student misses an exam it is up to the student to see the instructor immediately upon return to class to make up the exam or missed assignments. Failure to do so will result in a zero. There is NO extra credit in this course.  There are two significant in-class projects: Health Vocabulary and Current Health Magazine reviews.  These will be turned in at the end of the semester.  The semester project is the Me Magazine, which will be explained in detail and is due at the end of the semester.   Homework: There is homework every night: read the text and study for exams and work on your semester projects. Some textbook material may not be covered in class but will be on the exams. It is the students responsibility to study this material.      Expected Behavior: It is expected that all students will come to class on time and prepared to participate in the days activities. Since the class will be discussion oriented, it is also expected that students will be courteous listeners as well as active participants. THIS IS A GREAT COURSE…ENJOY LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF.  



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