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Clubs & Organizations 21-22

Below are the Clubs for the 2021-22 schoolyear.  Remind codes are listed for each club.  Please text that code to 81010 to be included in that clubs correspondence.

Spreadsheet of all clubs for the 2021-22 schoolyear
Club Name Club President Remind Join Code for YOUR club
A.L.A (Ayudando Los Amigos) Madeline McDonald and Nancy Polanco @schs-ala
Anti-Human Trafficking Davis Blake @antihum
Aspire Higher Blake McAlpin @aspire9373
Astronomy Shayna Sparks @caehgfk
Be A Hero Become A Donor Savannah Batchelor @bahbad20
Black Student Union Kirsten Whittaker @fh64k44
Blue oceans club Rino Nishida @schsblu
Books & Baking Ashley Jahed & Malia Petrocelli @schsbooksb
Cards and Cooler Club (was Critical Thinking Club) Grant Sestak 9b3986
Club Intersect Kayla Mclaughlin @clubinters
Code Blue Amanda Jolie Cabagbag @codeblue90
ComedySportz Logan Ruby @comedy891
Cookies and Capital Kevin Pena @9eef6a to 81010
Cool 2 Be Kind Kyle Franklin @c2bk2021
Cornhole Zane pert Gavin Stay
Crypto & NFT Club Lucas Echeverria @cryptonft
Cultural Exchange Club Lucas Rapeepat @schscul
FCA Cole Robertson @h9h73f
Fortissimo Shayna Sparks @c78e9b7
Ignite Madison Kerrigan @schsignite
Key Club Sydney Resser @479A38
Kids Around the World Brooklyn Goudchaux @katwc
Learning Graphic Design Jason Herrmann @schslgd
Lettuce Club Zach Webb @lettuce89
Medical career Aidan pearce dbab7g
Next Step Abby Rhoads and Sienna Anderson @3h3h8h
Noble Path Foundation Jack Hagen 81080 @noblepat
Rubik’s Cube Club Jack Wolfsohn @9a36f7
San Felipe Ella Davis and Katelin Wagner @schssan
SC Beach Conservation Amy Parr @scbeachcon
SCHS Book Club Coco Meyerhofer @schsbookc
SCHS Math League Aaron Velez @scclubmath
SCHS Python Programming Club Jack Rogers @schsio
SCHS Spikeball club Matt valdez @schsspik
SCHS Tutoring Club Psi Padhya, Kanei Padhya @sctutor21
Second Harvest Food Club Kian Jadbabaei @scfoodclub
Ski and Snowboard club Kaila Casaw @372g9h4
Spread A Lil' Love Ella Jobst @7gfdc2
Star Wars Club Max Silva @starwarssc
Strength In Numbers Ava Wronski @SIN-SCHS
Team Green Matthew Rudnicki @Team-Green
Tree-Huggers Carly Hoffmeister, Marea Marshall @f6db7b
Triton Chess Indy Fightmaster @tritonche
Triton Sparkle Ella @2ff8ee
Triton Table Top Club Anthony Folia
Tritons for CHOC Jillian Mitrevski @tforchoc
UNICEF Club Mirca Gomez & Olivia Cates @scunicef
VOL Hannah Eberle @vol202122
Weed Warriors Gavin Tuomi, John Bobo @ww-schs
WiSTEM+ Sarah Ahmadi @wistemcl
Women in Engineering Jennifer Pearson @schswie
Women In STEm Ella Jobst @f4bff7
Where do they meet?
Club Name Meeting Days Meeting location
A.A.A. or All About Anime meet Thursdays  
A.L.A. (Ayudando Los Amigos) meet most days of the week room 1021
Animation Club Wednesdays room 404
Anti-Human Trafficking Club First Monday of each month room 303
Aspire higher Tuesdays at lunch Room 408
Astronomy Thursday room 504
AVID   room P2
Be A Hero Become A Donor Wednesdays Salgado's room
Best Buddies Monday Room 605
Black Student Union Wednesday room 1016
Blue oceans Wednesday lunch Room P35
Books & Baking Tuesdays room P31
California High School Democrats Tuesdays Room 1021
Carrot Club Thursdays room 406
Chords for Community tuesdays room#701
Club Intersect Every other Wednesday room 404
COA Meet every other Wednesday Room P6
Code Blue biweekly Tuesdays  
Comedy Sportz Every other Friday room S9
Cookies and Capital Wednesdays  
Cookies and Current Events Tuesday Room 1002
Cool 2 Be Kind Monday 405
Critical Thinking Club Fridays room P38
Crypto & NFT Club Thursday/Friday mr.smiths room
Cultural Exchange Club Thursdays  
Entrepreneurship Club The first Monday of every month Room 201
Environmental Alliance Tuesday room P35
FCA Tuesday Over zoom
FIDM Fashion Club Every other Friday Room 17
Film and Broadcasting, and Social Media(FABS)    
Fortissimo Fridays room 700
Fuerza Latina Thursdays Room 27
GSA (gay straight alliance) Wednesday Room p30
Heads Up Zoom meetings  
IB Cornhole Wednesday Asb room
Ignite Tuesday room 1003
Interact Club Wednesday's Room P2
International Thespian Society Wednesday’s Room S9
Key Club Monday Room 1001
Kids Around the World Thursdays Room 401
Laura's House Club Wednesdays room S4
Lend a Hand Every other friday room p25
Lettuce Club 1st Monday of every month room P38
Loud Crowd Main Gym/Little Theater  
Medical careers Wednesday room p36
National Today Club Thursdays Room P31
Next Step On Wednesdays at lunch room 2024
Next Step Wednesdays room 1024
Noble Path Foundation 2-3 times a month room 1018
Ocean Conservation Rec. Club Meeting at beginning of each month room 1015
Philosophy Club Thursday  
Physics Club Wednesday room p504
Programming Club Wednesdays room 205
Rasberry Pi Club Tuesdays room 409
Robotics Club Mondays room 202
Rubik's Cube Club Tuesdays room 504
San Clemente Against Racism Outreach Club   room 1024
San Felipe- humanitarian organization wednesday’s  
SC Beach Conservation wednesdays room 300
SCHS Book Club Friday Room 1018
SCHS Computer Science Club biweekly room 400
SCHS Hackathon Club   Room 201
SCHS Learning Graphic design Tuesday Room 203
SCHS Math League Tuesday or Thursday Lunches 203
SCHS Mountain Bike Crew 1st Tuesday of the month  
SCHS Spikeball Club Monday Room p3
SCHS Tutoring Club M,W,F compean's room
Second Harvest Food Club On tuesdays or thursdays once a month room #504
Ski and Snowboard Thursdays p 38
Smells like teen spirit   room 500
Spread A Lil' Love Wednesday room #2010
Star Wars Club    
STEPS Cooking Class Wed. after school Room 602-603
STEPS Garden Club Wed Lunch room 602
Strength In Numbers One Thursday each month 408
Sunrise Foundation Mondays at lunch Room p9
SurfBud Wednesdays  
Sustainable Thread Club Wednesday Room 406
Team Green   P30
Tiny Critters Club online meetings  
Tree-Huggers Thursdays Room 203
Triton Chess (Chess Club) Wednesdays Room 203
Triton rugby Tuesday Thursday  
Triton Sparkle Special Needs All Exclusive Cheer Team Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:00 in front of the 600 building
Triton Table Top club Tuesdays/ Thursdays room 202
Tritons for CHOC Tuesday Room 1016
UNICEF Club Monday Room S4
VOL   room 1018
Weed Warriors Friday  
Wellness and Prevention Center Wednesdays the counselors offices
WiSTEM+ Mondays Room 406
Women in Engineering Tuesdays Room 202
Women in STEM Thursday room #2010
Clubs/School Affiliated Groups Poster Guidelines

All posters must be approved by Activities Director

       - Handmade posters will be individually stamped for approval.

       - For flyers, please bring one original for approval stamp and run copies after.

Posters can remain up for a maximum of 2 weeks. Clubs are responsible for removing them within that timeline.

Posters must be hung using blue painters tape. Tape should completely surround the edges of the poster.