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National Honor Society




Students eligible and interested in membership to NHS, must complete the application form found on the NHS webpage. For the 2021-202 school year, this form is due by the end of the school day, Friday, October 1st to Mr. Proodian.  The application requires students to list their activities both inside and outside of school, identify the offices they hold, include the community service projects in grades 9-11 they have completed, and report their work experiences.


Candidates must submit their application ONLINE. Students will join a Google Classroom link and upload their application to this system. 


In addition to the application, students must submit their transcript and a cover letter. The purpose of the cover letter is to provide students the opportunity to expand on qualifications that may not be apparent from the objective list of activities. A faculty council composed of seven staff members as well as the NHS advisor (a non-voting member) review the applications and determine the final selection of students.


Live Google Meet help will be available every day after school for any assistance or questions about the application process.  See link below for more information.


Click this link for information



The San Clemente High School (SCHS) chapter of the National Honor Society is a nationally affiliated organization. To be eligible for election to membership, candidates must:


  • Presently in SCHS in grades 10 through 12
  • Maintain an unweighted cumulative grade point average of 3.7 or a weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.9
  • Demonstrate volunteer or service hours
  • Preserve an excellent record of behavior in and out of school
  • Actively participate in leadership roles in both school and the community
  • Have no more than one “U” in citizenship & have no known or documented cases of poor academic character or integrity


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