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Juniors and Seniors APPLY for CSF Sept. 21-Oct.2nd
Posted 9/19/20



DEADLINE: Friday, October 2nd


Step 1:  Login to your CUSD Google account and join the CSF Google Classroom The join code is:  3u6ed3i


Step 2: Click on the Assignment for the CSF Application


Step 3:  Read through all the directions and download/open the attachments to access the application, course lists, and help sheets for finding your report card and making a donation with your application. 


Step 4:   If you need help or have questions, Ms. Gustafson has set up Google Meets with CSF officers 2:45pm-3:30pm Monday, Sept. 21st – Friday, Oct. 2nd.  She will also be available in a Google Meet during Tutorial/Office Hours from Sept. 22st - Oct. 2nd.  The Link to the Google Meets is on the Classroom Logo in the CSF Google Classroom.


Step 5:   Submit everything by Friday, October 2nd.  Students will be emailed in late October to confirm they qualified. 


About CSF


The California Scholarship Federation is an organization that was set up to recognize and honor high school students for academic achievement. 

What is Sealbearer Status?

A seal-bearer is a senior who has attained life membership status. If a student is a member of CSF for four semesters* they qualify for life member status.

The seal-bearer receives two honors: 

1) A gold seal from CSF is placed on their high school diploma

2)  Students are recognized during the graduation processional by the gold cord that is draped around their neck. 

* One of the four semesters must be during the student’s senior year of high school and must include their senior grades, in other words, the student must submit their fall semester grades of their senior year to qualify for a life membership.