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2020-2021 Parking Permit Application

Online Drivers Permit Education


Students may sign up for online drivers permit ed classes through the link below. Please use code CUSD10 to receive the course for just $10!

Parking Permits

Updated Parking permit information (9/29/2020)

Parking Permits are available to ALL eligible Senior,  Junior and Sophomore students during the Fall 2020 50-50 Hybrid instructional model.

  1. The completion of Parking Permit Application: SCHS Parking Permit 2020-20211
  • The following documents must be completed and uploaded into the google form.
    • Copy of Vehicle Registration
    • Parking Regulation Acceptance 
    • Screen shot or verification of Safe Driver Video (see link under Parking Permit Information below)
  1. Upon submittal of the Parking Permit Application, an e-mail response will be emailed from Google confirming the receipt of your documents.
  2. After staff reviews the documents, an email will be sent from SCHS with a link to pay for the permit. 
  3. Following payment parking permits will be picked up in front of the attendance office on the dates and times as follows: A DRIVER LICENSE MUST BE PRESENTED TO SCHOOL PERSONNEL WHEN PICKING UP YOUR PARKING PERMIT.  

*Cost of Parking Permit


  • With ASB card $25 remainder of Fall Semester
  • Without ASB card $30 remainder of Fall Semester


  1. With ASB Card $25 remainder of Fall Semester
  2. Without ASB card $30 remainder of Fall Semester
  3. Lottery for Spring Semester TBD


  1. With ASB Card $25 remainder of Fall Semester
  2. Without ASB card $30 remainder of Fall Semester
  3. TBD for Spring Semester TBD

Parking Permit Information

In partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety, The California Highway Patrol, Impact Teen Drivers and San Clemente High School, all student drivers and their parents must complete an online educational module on California’s Graduated Driver Licensing Law to receive a 2020-2021 San Clemente High School Parking Permit. 

  • The online module will increase understanding of the risks of teen driving, protect teen drivers and passengers, and gain an understanding of the Graduated Driver Licensing Law that includes the following: Passenger Limits, Night Time Driving, Mandatory Seat Belt Use and NO Electronic Devices. 
  • The online course is approximately 25 minutes in duration. 
  • SCHS will receive notification when you and your parents finish the module and complete the mandatory surveys at the end. 
  • Student who do not complete the module will not be eligible to purchase a 2020-2021 parking permit.





SCHS parking permits will be purchased during registration.  Additional information on purchase will be provided to SCHS students prior to registration.

    Parking Permit Regulations

    San Clemente High School Parking Permit Regulations 2020-2021


    • Parking Permits are issued for SINGLE use only – One family-owned vehicle per student.
    • Parking permits are nontransferable to another student’s or friend’s vehicle for any reason.
    • Students who need to drive a different vehicle (family vehicles only) for a short period of time must provide a copy of the vehicle’s registration of the temporary vehicle and the student's driver’s license before a temporary parking permit can be issued. 
    • New Vehicle - $10.00 fee for a new parking sticker if original permit is returned or pay the full fee without it.
    • Tickets:  All parking regulations and citations set forth in the California Vehicle Code, Section 21113A, Division 11 shall be enforced by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.   

    San Clemente High School is not responsible for citations issued by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  Also, SCHS is not responsibility for any vandalism or theft of any vehicle or its contents.  Please report any theft or vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department at (949) 770-6011.

    CUSD Board Policy 3513.2(a) and California Vehicle Code 21113 stipulates the following traffic/parking regulations:

    1. All student vehicles must display an original SCHS parking permit affixed on the inside driver's side of your windsheild (bottom-left-side).
    2. All student drivers are expected to obey all regulation and traffic signs posted throughout campus parking lots.
    3. All student drivers must operate motor vehicles at 5 MPH or less.
    4. All student vehicles must be parked within designated student parking stalls.
    5. Disabled person parking placard/permit must be visibly displayed and must be assigned to the student driver.


    Orange County Sheriff’s Department monitors the SCHS parking lots on a daily basis and may ticket or tow vehicles for any violation of the above regulations. 

    • Students are not allowed to go to their cars or loiter in the parking lot during the school day.  Violators will be subject to school disciplinary action. 
    • The revocation or ineligibility for a parking permit is based upon the following:*
      • The accumulation of 8 or more tardies to any one class during the semester.
      • A total of five or more truancies to any one class OR combination of classes during the semester.
      • One or more ‘F’ grades on the previous semester report card.
      • Unresolved discipline consequences ( shows for detentions, etc.) at the end of the previous semester.
      • Reckless driving.
      • Placement at steps 2-5 on the Behavior Contract.
      • Parking in non-student designated parking spaces, i.e. staff/visitor parking.
      • Student drivers who are issued a parking permit are responsible for any misuse of the parking permit.  This includes but not limited to the selling, giving, trading, receipt, purchase or creation of a SCHS parking permit.


    *Additional disciplinary action up to and including suspension may be incurred for any of the listed bulleted items.


    • No refunds are provided for revoked parking permits.  
    • SCHS/CUSD is not liable for theft, loss or damage that may occur to the vehicle while parked on school grounds
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