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The application window will be ANNOUNCED SOON : TBA MAY 2020

All Independent Physical Education paper applications will be turned into and processed at San Clemente HS

For incoming students that are transitioning to a new level (ex: middle school to high school) the application will be submitted to the school where your student will be attending in the 2019-2020 school year.


IPE Sports Qualifications 


The application can be downloaded here and are also available for you at your 19-20 school site.

How do I apply?

  1. Download and fill out the application completely, providing the following to the school office and IPE coordinator.
    2. Weekly Practice Schedule –
    3. Competition Schedule –
    4. Printed & Highlighted Verification of Ranking or Level of Competition/Performance.  (From a sanctioned independent ranking organization for the specific sport/activity.)  
  2. Turn in all printed information listed above to the school site for review.

Site coordinators will work through the application and will notify you and your student of whether or not your student has been admitted into IPE for the school year. The site coordinator and site staff will be your points of contact to ensure proper documentation and site systems are followed.

  • IPE applications will be screened and approved prior to the start of the Fall Semester.
  • Approval notification will be sent via email.  
  • Online PE course enrollment (upon site approval) will be sent to families from the IPE teacher explaining next steps.
  • Application denials will also be notified via email.  If needed, the school site IPE Administrator can provide follow-up assistance.
  • Please review the IPE Guidelines to ensure that your packet is complete.  The IPE Guidelines are embedded within the IPE application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered for IPE. 

Academics & Curriculum

CUSD Graduation Requirements

sc grad

Students must complete 220 credits (44 semester classes over a four-year period) to earn their high school diploma. These include individual subject requirements. Students will earn 5 credits per semester per class with a passing grade of A, B, C, or D.   

Classes where students receive a grade of “F” must be repeated in order to earn the credits needed to graduate and earn a diploma.

Graduation requirements by subject:

  • 4 years English
  • 3 years Mathematics (to include Algebra I)
  • 2 years Science (one life and one physical)
  • 3 years Social Science
  • 1 year Fine Art OR 1 year World Language
  • 2 years Physical Education
  • 1 semester Health
  • 65 Elective Credits

For detailed information regarding CUSD graduation requirements please see CUSD Course Catalog above. 

"a-g" : Requirements for UC and CSU admissions


High school graduation requirements are NOT the same as college admission requirements 

UC & CSU minimum requirements: 

a  -  History/Social Science- 2 years

b  -  English- 4 years

c  -  Math- 3 years (Algebra I and II, Geometry)       

d  -  Lab Science- 2 years (1 year physical, 1 year biological)

e  -  Foreign Language- 2  years (3 strongly recommended)

f  -  Visual Performing Art- 1 year

g  -  College Prep Elective- 1 year

(electives must be chosen from any approved “a-f” course


Required National Tests:

SAT or ACT for CSU (not writing) & UC  (include writing)

Minimum GPA in order to apply:        
  2.0 for CSU
  3.0 for UC

 **Students must earn a “C” or higher in ALL “a-g” courses.**   

UC-approved a-g course list

If you would like to view the high school courses that the UC system has approved as meeting a-g requirements at any school , please follow the link below. You will need to enter the school name into the search box. 

UC Doorways Institution Search

If you have problems with the link, please Google "UC Doorways". 

Science Pathway

Science Pathway

Math Pathway

Math Pathway

English Pathway

English Pathway

Social Science Pathway

Social Science Pathway

graduatioin cap

Is Your "Senior" On Track To Graduate?

To ensure your senior student is on track to earn their high school diploma in June, you may view your child’s current graduation status via the Parent Portal by selecting “Graduation Status” under the “Grades” tab.  The Graduation Status is comprised of five columns.  The first and second columns list the subject requirements and number of credits needed per subject to earn a diploma.  The third column, “Credits completed,” lists the credits your child completed by the end of their junior year.  The fourth column lists the credits that your child is currently enrolled in and needs to complete in the Fall semester, and the fifth column represents the credits that will need to be completed during your child’s Spring semester.


By the end of junior year, students should have completed 170 credits to be considered “on track” to earn a diploma.  Students who have fewer than 170 credits are considered “at-risk.”   Students “at-risk” of earning their diploma will most likely be enrolled in one or more of the following:  6 or 7 classes, summer school class, the Academic Intervention class or the CUSD Online Credit Recovery Program, which both are offered during the students' senior year.


Please note that the Graduation Status reflects graduation requirements only, not college admissions requirements. To ensure that your child is meeting college admission requirements please refer to the “Grades” tab and select “College Entrance Requirements.”


Please be advised that your child must pass all required courses indicated in the fourth and fifth columns under “Graduation Status” in order to earn their diploma and participate in the graduation commencement ceremony.  We encourage you and your child to monitor grades via School Loop to ensure success.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s graduation status or college admissions status, please contact your Academic Advisor.


CUSD Course Placement Guidelines

SCHS Academic Pathways

For course offerings and typical academic pathways: Course Pathways 2.1.19.pdf (PDF)

GPA Calculation

Semester grade point averages will be computed using the numerical value listed below . Grades earned in Advanced Placement and Honors classes will be computed using a "weighted" value. Accelerated courses do not carry a weighted grade. Physical education classes are not counted in the computation of the Academic GPA with the exception of determining eligibility.

Regular or Standard College Prep Courses Advanced Placement or Honors Courses
A = 4 grade points assigned A = 5 grade points assigned
B = 3 grade points assigned B = 4 grade points assigned
C = 2 grade points assigned C = 3 grade points assigned
D = 1 grade points assigned D = 1 grade point assigned
F = 0 grade points assigned F = 0 grade points assigned